Shirl Maisey Reel Seats and Ferrules


These ferrules are considered by many as the best ferrules made.

Shirl is not making them anymore, so there is a limited stock available.

Made from Precision Half Hard Drawn 18% Nickel Silver tubing in Switzerland, the tube wall thickness is Proportional to the Inside Diameter so that the smaller ferrules that have walls of 0.01” and 0.012” are up to 70% lighter and more responsive than traditional ferrules with 0.0156” wall thicknesses, no matter what size ferrule.

                                Classic Length Ferrules

                                      Std Length Ferrules                                    

                                               Short Ferrules

Short Ferrules for Short Rods or 3 Piece Rods. Sizes 10.8, 11.5, 12.2, 13, 13.8, 14.8, 16, 17, 18, 19.

Standard Ferrules for Modern Rods. Sizes 10.8, 11.5, 12.2, 13, 13.8, 14.8.

Long Ferrules for Classic Rods. Sizes 10.8, 11.5, 12.2, 13, 13.8, 14.8.

Step Down Ferrules for the Very Lightest  Rods. Sizes 9, 10, 10.8, 11.5.

       SRP: $75.00 Full Set, $55.00 Half Set.


My brother, Shirl, has stopped making reel seats and ferrules; he's too busy fishing

and socializing with his fishing and motor bike friends.

We have had his reel seats custom made.

We waited a year to get 18% low lead nickel silver to make our reel seats.

The aluminum spey reel seats and handle fittings have a clear anodized finish.

"Itchen" Reel Seats

Our usual wood spacers available are Tiger Maple and Olive,

but we have other woods available, polished and epoxy finished for durability.

Sliding Band Reel Seats:

Sliding band is internally angled for positive grip onto the reel seat,

recessed knurling completes the classic styling.

Types available: a) Up-sliding, b)Down-sliding.

Sizes: Lightweight: 0.65" dia., 0.375" bore, 3.25" long for smaller or light line rods.

Standard: 0.70" dia., 0.375" bore, 3.5" long for medium size rods.

Nickel Silver Price: $70.00. Metalwork Only: $50.00.

Up-Locking or Down-Locking Screw Reel Seats:

Precision screw work and recessed knurling.

Sizes Available:

Standard: 0.70"dia., 0.375" bore, 3.75" long.


0.85" dia., 0.50" bore, 4" long to take longer reel feet.

Nickel Silver: Standard:
$100.00, Salmon: $120.00.


Classic Aluminum Spey Handle Fittings

Classic Aluminum Skeleton Spey Screw Reel Seats:

Developed to hold standard reel feet and up to the long Von Hoff style reel feet.

This is a the classic used on double handed rods for over 100 years.  Size: 1" dia. Price: $50.00.


Rubber Button, End Cap and Cork Check:

The way classic large rod handles are finished.

        Nickel Silver: Standard:
$45.00, Aluminum Standard: $30.00.

        Rubber Button: 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-3/8":
$9.00. Cork Check, Aluminum: $15.00


            Skeleton Spey Handle Set (Seat, End Cap. Cork Check, Button): $85.00


To Order:


Phone: 215.886.7211

To Order:


Phone: 215.886.7211

To Order:


Phone: 215.886.7211

                        A Selection of Unusual Guides


Snake Brand Custom Agate Spey Guide $50 each.

Red Agate Guides $35.00 each.

Mildrum Carboloy ME: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16mm $7.50 each, 9mm $10 each

Mildrum Carboloy SRMC: 8, 10 $7.50 each, 9mm $12 each.

Mildrum Carboloy ME Spey Set: 12, 14, 16mm $20 set

Custom SIC Spey Set: 11, 13, 15mm $12 set


Tom Moran Snake Guides, Bronze, $3 each.

Tom Moran Snake Guides, Plain $2.50 each.

Snake Brand Snake Guides, Bronze $2 each.

Perfection Solid Titanium Snake Guides, Plain $3 each.

Perfection Snake Guides, Hard Chromed 3/0 and 2/0 $2 each