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Gaelic Supreme Handmade Silk Lines

Made in the UK by Cadno

    After discussing and developing ideas about line design with many people for the last 30 years,we have developed our own range of lines based on our experience and most anglers’ wish list. We now offer a range of handmade silk fly lines that outperform all previous fly line systems. The lines are available in half sizes because we have found that a rod labelled a certain weight will often perform optimally for a particular owner who casts in a particular way, with a line a half weight different to the label. Accurately matching a line to a particular rod brings the rod “alive” and allows the angler to get the best performance from each and every rod.

    Our lines are made from pure silk in a 16 thread braid construction. Each line is a  single taper line with an extra long 10 foot taper and extra fine tip. The total length of the lines increases by a yard for every half size increase to provide the optimal length of line for fishing without taking up reel space for line not being used. For example, a size #4 weight line is 20 yards long. Having to turn a double taper line around after 4 hours fishing is neither practical nor convenient. Carrying a spare spool with another dry line ready to fish is a much better solution to get the best full day’s fishing.

    There is a braided loop at the extra fine tip to quickly attach and change a leader and a braided loop at the end of the line to quickly attach the line to the backing. Changing a line or winding a line onto a dryer is a quicker operation. We will have streamside line winders, and lodge and home line keepers available in the Spring of 2013.

    The line colour has been carefully selected to be the least spooky to fish. The mid green colour has been found to cause less fright and flight of fish when cast over the most skittish of fish in the US, UK and NZ. If you need an indicator for nymphing, we suggest a 3/8” length of orange floating line at the end of the fly line as an indicator.

  We believe this range of lines offers the absolute best performance at the most competitive price available. Each line costs about half that of a 30 yard silk double taper or weight forward line.

    Lines will become available at the end of January 2013, starting with #3 weight, #3.5, #4, #4.5, #5 and #5.5 weight lines. The lines will be available for casting at the Somerset, NJ consumer show, so bring your favorite rod or rods to match to a line.

Line lengths:

#1 weight: 14 yards; #1.5 weight: 15 yards; #2 weight: 16 yards; #2.5 weight: 17 yards; #3 weight: 18 yards; #3.5 weight: 19 yards; #4 weight: 20 yards; #4.5 weight: 21 yards; #5 weight: 22 yards; #5.5 weight: 23 yards; #6 weight: 24 yards; #6.5 weight: 25 yards;

#7 weight: 26 yards; #7.5 weight: 27 yards; #8 weight: 28 yards; #8.5 weight: 29 yards;

#9 weight: 30 yards.

Each line is packaged in a round container and comes with a complimentary tub of red Mucilin floatant. Care instructions are included.

Price: #3 weight to #5.5 weight: $135.00.

          #1 weight to 2.5 weight and #6 & # 7.5 weight: $145.00.

          #8 weight to # 9 weight: $155.00.