Double Tapers, 30 yards long,

(Old Size) AFTMA Sizes (Sink Rates):

(HCH) #8wt (1.7SR), (GBG) #9wt (1.9SR), (FAF) #10/11wt (2.1SR)

Weight Forward, 35 yards long, AFTMA Sizes (Sink Rates):

(HCF) #8wt (1.7SR), (GBF) #9wt (1.9SR), (GAF) #10/11wt (2.1SR)

Price: $270.00 Each

Sunset Braided Dacron Lines

The best sinking lines ever made, very similar to silk lines except heavier and thinner for better casting and sunk line fishing.

Designed for Winter Steelhead fishing in North America,

and Spring Atlantic Salmon in Canada and Europe.

Dark Cigar Brown Color

Long casting, no memory and a smooth finish.

Long Lasting, designed to last a lifetime with the right care.

The high specific gravity sinks flies perfectly.

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Phone: 215.886.7211